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You are in Fréjus, a town and area of Artistic, Architectural and Historic Interest, in a land where elegance is paramount. Roman and mediaeval heritage creates a prestigious setting: arena, aqueduct, theatre, archaeology museum (and the two-headed bust of Hermes), military heritage. The pink sandstone bishopric lies on the Var Sightseeing Trail.

Fréjus Heritage buildings   Museums in Fréjus
With 29 locations protected by conservation orders as heritage buildings , Fréjus has much to offer in the way of historic buildings.   Archaeology Museum, Museum of Popular Traditions and the Marines : the richness and diversity of their collections will amaze you.

Fréjus Guided tours   History of Fréjus
From one tour to the next, a stroll through the old town provides many impressive reminders of twenty centuries of history.   Fréjus was founded in the 1st century B.C. and has never lost its population since then. In fact, each generation has preserved its heritage and passed it on down through families.
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