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Breathe in, breathe out, take a deep breath! Fréjus is an invigorating place with vast open spaces that let you enjoy a whole range of sports and recreation at your own pace. Fréjus is a Provencal town, combining the arts with culinary traditions and delights. You’ll see, the art of a warm welcome is put into practice every day here!

Circuit des métiers d'art   Fréjus restaurants
The presence of artists and craftsmen in the historic old town of Fréjus has revived a tradition that was lost in the 18th century.   Subtly elegant food, superb wines.
Fréjus Lifestyle   Fréjus, sports and recreation
Arts & Crafts tour, Provencal markets, a chance to chat with the locals etc. Soak up the atmosphere – this couldn’t be anywhere but Provence.

  A wide range of sports and a sense of well-being – enjoyment for all ages.
Fréjus tours   Children on holiday in Fréjus
Walks through the narrow picturesque streets, historic tours , nature rambles, foodlovers’ tours etc.

  On holiday, children are kingpins, much to their delight and their parents’ pleasure.
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