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Fréjus, the best of accomodation. You're in Fréjus, where hospitality is part of life. From 4-star campsite to Youth Hostel, there is wide range of accomodation on offer. And to provide an even higher standard of service for their guests, many places have joined the "Quality" scheme. Dive into the atmosphere that is Fréjus and find places that not only provide overnight accomodation but also give you a lifestyle that is a subtle blend of lazy days and sightseeing.

Fréjus Campsites with services   Fréjus Hotels
21 campsites including 1 one-star, 8 four-star, 6 three-star, 5 two-star and one environmental campsite.   24 hotels including one 4-star, four 3-star, twelve 2-star, one 1-star and two ungraded.
Fréjus, Seasonal lets in Fréjus   Fréjus, Tourist residences
More than 200 furnished lets and 3 rental companies.   Residences close to the sea, located in town or countryside.

Fréjus, Holiday villages   Fréjus, Apartments/Bed & Breakfasts in Fréjus
7 holiday villages, to relax and enjoy yourself.   A choice of 19 B&Bs in various places within Fréjus.
House of style   Fréjus Residences
1 house of style with 6 bedrooms   Découvrez l'offre et les équipements des résidences.
Fréjus, Farm Campsites   Fréjus, youth hostel
6 farm campsites for holidays "at one with nature".   1 youth hostel set among the trees.
Fréjus, Mobile-home hire in Fréjus   Fréjus, Estate agents
6 companies offering the hire of mobile-homes.   16 estate agents specialising in furnished lets.
Available funds    
Disponibilités gérées directement par les hôtels, les résidences de tourisme et les villages de vacances.    
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